Sunday, November 25, 2012


SHE is living a normal human life in Boston, until she’s kidnapped from her bed by a man she finds herself undeniably attracted to.

HE is living a normal lupine life in Seattle, until he’s sent to abduct a woman who disappeared from his pack years ago.

As they hurry across the country to reunite her with her family, they must battle his need to claim her. But their lust is overpowering, threatening to consume them both. Mating between the two wolves is unavoidable.

Will their union alone be enough to stop a crazy man from attempting to steal her from him? And will her father forgive their mating and accept the union with open arms?

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog By Don Sullivan free video download

Secrets to training the perfect dog by Don Sullivan is now free to download. These videos will gives you guide in training your pet in a fascinating way. These videos will gives you a thorough understanding of the philosophy behind Don's training System. And it also cover everything from basic and advanced commands, dealing with a variety of problem behaviors, creating boundary line safety, to even teaching your dog how to swim! With logical, easy to apply, step-by-step instruction, these videos will leave you with the feeling, "Wow, this guy really makes sense, and I know I can do it too!"


Monday, October 8, 2012

Woodcraft, 28 Favorite Scroll Saw Woodwork Projects and Patterns free ebook download

Woodcraft, 28 Favorite Scroll Saw Woodwork Projects and Patterns  free ebook download. Wildlife Portraits is jam packed full of 28 extraordinary animal projects for the scroll saw. These tried and true favorite projects are plucked from the archives of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts, the foremost periodical on scroll sawing. Join your favorite authors, including Kathy Wise, Gary Browning, Charles Dearing, and Lora Irish, as they scroll handsome projects from the animal kingdom. Create birds, pets, sea life, North American wildlife, and African big cats in wood. Here's a selection of the animals you'll find inside: rooster, blue jay, cat, rabbit, crab, turtle, bear, elk, wolf, tiger, and lion.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How To Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once

Today I'm teaching you on how to post in multiple facebook groups at once. Yes! You've heard it right "just on one post for all your groups". It's good for us bloggers knowing this since, social network sites such as facebook  are powerful tools to draw daily traffics to our site. That's why last day I'm searching the whole web world looking for tutorials and techniques on how to do it. And yet none of them offers the easiest way I want it to be. After an hour of web surfing, I discover on how to do it smoothly without  using any programs or tricks. Just only your existing email address and you're done. That's how easy it is, soo frictionless.

I discover it accidentally when I was editing the settings of the group that I administer, I've found out  that facebook provide an email address for each group to enable members send emails in the group.  That email will turn to be as a member's post in the group. So I tried it out to see it for myself and…WHOA!! It's working!

Here are the steps for you to follow,

1. Know the provided email address of your group. In my experience, I think only the admin can first see it and its up to him/her whether to hide it or  show it on public. The email address always look like this
(_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ It is compose of 15 digits before sign @ but, the group admin can edit the given default email address to be easy to remember. In case the admin will not give you the emailadd don't push him/her 'coz there is another way. The only thing you should do is to log-in your facebook account in your mobile phone. Use the low grade mobile phones which browser does not support posting pictures in a group. Don't use facebook app too. In my case I use my very old  nokia N70 since it does not support posting photo in a group. Then, go to your group and post "photo". Since it's not supported facebook will redirect you to the email address of your group and telling you to email your post in instead.

2. Add your group email address  to your contacts. When you have your group email address, add it to your contacts and name them base on the name of each group. Make a group list of contact for these email addresses for easy emailing them at once! Note, use email address the same as you use on your facebook account.

Now try it for yourself.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Free books download "UFOs & The National Security State". This is the 2nd volume in Richard Dolan's series, "UFOs and the National Security State," which covers the UFO phenomenon from the 1940s to the present day. Volume 2, "The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991," analyzes the UFO sightings, politics, and research that occurred during the last two decades of the cold war. Working from archival sources, professional journals, and his own investigations, Dolan describes UFO encounters worldwide, demonstrating that the phenomenon is global, and the result of advanced technology. Many cases involved sensitive military airspace. These include intrusions over U.S. air bases  attempts to intercept a UFO over Tehran  the landing of an unknown object near two airbases in Britain  large boomerang-shaped craft near New York City  unexplained triangular craft seen throughout the U.S. and Europe  strange objects in Earth orbit seen by Soviet and American astronauts  and encounters with UFOs from around the world. Dolan also studies "UFO politics," describes the black-budget connection, and provides a geopolitical analysis to explain the whys and hows of UFO secrecy. Finally, he provides a history of UFO research. He recreates the discussions and debates concerning alien abductions, animal mutilations, intelligence community infiltration into UFO research, the controversial MJ-12 documents, the Gulf Breeze controversy, reverse engineering of alien technology, crop circles, and more. Dolan also studies the effect of such new technologies as the Internet on UFO research. This is a complete history of the phenomenon, the secrecy, and the response by researchers who sought to understand the mystery. Behind it all is the backdrop of a world in technological, economic, and political transformation. This book takes the reader through a turning point in the history of the UFO phenomenon, as well as the history of the modern world. For autographed copies, go directly to here


Free books download "Handbook of Small Electric Motors" for electrical engineers and students. A complete, definitive source for the design, manufacture, application, and testing of small electric motors less than ten horsepower *Gives motor design engineers, test technicians, and engineers top-to-bottom coverage of materials used in motor manufacturing, as well as how-to advice on selecting the right design and assembly method *Includes a full section on motor applications
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There's no other source that approaches this unique reference for comprehensive, clear coverage of small motor design, production, and use. For cost-cutting, efficiency-boosting solutions, and the answers you need now, this is a resource that will prove its value every day on the job.


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